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The Problem

Current market surveys are done using inflexible software or archaic Excel templates that take extra time and effort. The cost to the property is money, precious time, and the overhead of managing the process. Most importantly, these efforts offer little value in the end:

Lost Time and Money

Managing market surveys are labor intensive, costing money and productivity. More time is spent gathering and organizing the data than analyzing and using it to make sound business decisions.

Data Inconsistency

Current solutions to market surveys are cumbersome to use, requiring on-going maintenance and updates. This often results in different templates being passed around which lack uniformity, creating issues for management teams trying to make sense of their portfolio.

Stale Data

Data becomes stale immediately as it only offers a snapshot in time for that particular week, eliminating options for comparing your property or portfolio performance versus competitors over time.

Lack of Collaboration

With no hub where different users can see the same data and analytics in real-time, operators and owners reach different conclusions on property and market performance leading to confusion on setting a sound strategy.

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The Solution

Our market survey platform addresses the current problems that come with doing market surveys while bringing value to corporate teams, on-site managers, and asset managers in many innovative ways.

Centralized Solution

Our cloud-based platform ensures data uniformity, where on-site, corporate, and ownership teams can review and analyze the same data and set strategies to improve property performance.

Save Time and Money

Our platform saves users on average $1,224-$1,524/year per property by eliminating the need to create, manage, or share spreadsheets and manual reports.

Interactive Reporting

Our platform is intuitive and easy to use, allowing for interactive graphs and charts, and ad-hoc and customizable reports for a single property or a portfolio of properties.

Trend Analysis

Ongoing detailed business intelligence on competitors, including historical performance information, interactive data tables and graphs, and customizable and automated reports.

Easy Exporting

Easily print or export any report in Excel or PDF. You can also schedule customizable automatic report delivery to regional, corporate, or ownership groups, allowing you to select reports to share and the frequency of delivery.

Works on any device

Web-based platform that requires no additional installation and can be opened by any device or browser, giving you all the information at your fingertips in the office or on the go.

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Getting Started

Setup is simple and quick:

Customized Setup
We take care of initially setting up all of your properties by working with you and your teams
Populate Data
If you have months or years of historical data, let us put it to good use for you. We will upload it so you can see the trends over time and how your property has performed versus its competitors.
1-on-1 Learning
We provide training to both corporate and property managers and follow up to address any remaining questions.


BI:Radix is built to meet corporate needs

The platform was developed from the ground up to have the features corporate, on-site, and asset management teams need.

  • Single Sign On (SAML) support
  • User and property access management
  • Complete activity history
  • Property Management System integration (such as Yardi or OneSite)
  • Reliable - 99.99% uptime SLA
  • No maintenance windows
  • High Performance
  • Predefined Reporting Templates
  • Custom Reporting options
  • Automatic report generation and delivery
  • Trend analysis on all data, no history limits
  • Easy sharing options
Works Anywhere
  • Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop
  • Mac or Windows
  • No need for any additional software (ex: Excel, Adobe Acrobat)
  • Email notifications

Our Clients

Our Story

Our background is diverse but our commitment to solve a problem and provide an optimal solution for market surveys to the multifamily industry is our sole mission. BI:Radix was born out of necessity and frustration for lack of options available, and our strong conviction to build a platform tailored for the multifamily industry. As VP of Revenue Management and later the VP of Asset Management for a top 10 national multifamily company, co-founder Blerim Zeqiri was disappointed users spent more time gathering data than actually using it to make decisions and improve performance for the company portfolio.

Blerim teamed up with co-founders Alex Viderman and Eugene Kobrinsky who brought engineering prowess and knowledge about web platforms, data analytics, and user experience to create a user centric product. Alex’s and Eugene’s background in creating analytical solutions for successful startups gave them a unique insight on how to take complex and ambiguous data and present it in an intuitive way to empower users to make smarter decisions and improve their performance.

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